Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors: Embody the brand SHE is endorsing. Ambassadors demonstrate expertise in leading quality representation for brands. Ambassadors partake in promotional modeling and event hosting, along with assist in developing remarkable strategies to promote brand awareness. Brand Ambassadors, consistently seek out business networks to establish partnerships and assist in generating sales for Off The Hanger.


Goal: Build awareness and buzz surrounding Off The Hanger, Luxury Fashion & Décor Studio. During events and on the day new arrivals drop, inform your audience about any of the following: 

OTH offerings (new arrivals,  upcoming events and notify audience about wardrobe/interior design services)

•  Specific promotions that are relevant to your audience.

•  Seek out Community Collaborations to raise awareness.   


Off The Hanger Ambassador Promotion: Social Media and/ or blog posts, mainly focusing on Instagram - tagging @OFF_THEHANGER #OFFTHEHANGER #IAMOFFTHEHANGER #OFFTHEHANGERMUSE – on Facebook: @Off The Hanger  featuring images and copy that tell a story and inform your audience about Off The Hanger. Ambassador to share content with Off The Hanger prior to pushing live on any and all social media platforms. 

  • Off The Hanger Promotion: In exchange for content surrounding the “Fashion & Décor” Studio, will cross promote ambassador content on local Instagram account (stories and posts) and tag ambassador for credit. In addition, when relevant, Off The Hanger will support ambassador by allowing wardrobe pulls to create content for ambassadors blog and the store. Ambassadors also receive 15% off all items they wish to keep or other items they plan to market for the studio.    

  • Wardrobe pulls – require a signed letter of responsibility (also known as LOR) which serves as authorization that Off The Hanger will receive the items pulled in the exact manner in which they were given (clean and with original price tags). Pick up date and Return date shall be agreed upon via the signed letter of responsibility along with an itemized list of merchandise.



Disclosure Guidelines: Off The Hanger adheres to FTC


Disclosure Guidelines, which requires you (“the” Brand Ambassador) to disclose your material connection

to Off The Hanger. 


The below outlines how we prefer you disclose our relationship throughout the duration of the campaign.


Disclosure: I have a partnership with Off The Hanger and was

compensated for my work, but all words and opinions are my own.


•  #Sponsored—If content is editorial, meaning the partner is

compensated but maintains editorial rights to their content social

posts must be tagged #sponsored

•  #Ad—If Off The Hanger provides specific language, meaning the partner

posts branded messaging any social post must be tagged #ad


 Dependent upon the content and level of promotion within email.

Work with the Off The Hanger Team to determine if disclosure in link

destination is sufficient or we need to add additional language in

email copy.

Interested in our Brand Ambassador Program? Contact @